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:iconlakorvin: did this thing and it looked fun. 


1. Choose one or more of your ocs. 
2. Answer the questions truthfully. 
3. Tag.

I haven't really shown any of my OCs out in public except for the silhouette piece.
  This Might Have Something to Do with A Comic by KoreanDrawingFreak
But anyway, from that order we have Bel, Nega, KoreanDrawingFreak, Beta, and Rocky. 
I know, I know, not the most creative names out there but I was just doodling in my notebook in middle school when I made these characters. Now I"m addicted to making them go on little adventures in my head which I may or may not draw in the upcoming future. 


1. What is your name or a name that you go by?

KDF:     I'm the KoreanDrawingFreak. Nice ta meetcha! 
Nega:   Full name: Negative Zero. How may I make your acquaintance? 
Beta:    Hey. The name's Beatrix C. Badle III; the "C" stands for Coraline. But please, call me Beta.  
Rocky:  What an unusual fellow, just asking for a name of an inhumane object. Very well, they call me Rocky, although I don't know why. "Freak", as Beta calls him, just gave me the name and it just stuck; he said it fit me for some reason. 
Bel:      Bel Zero. Stand in my way and you're dead. 
KDF:    Bel! You'd say you'd behave for the guest!
Bel:     It's not like I told him a lie.  
KDF:    That's not the point! 

2. How old are you? 

Everyone: We're all 13. 
KDF:    Weird, huh? 

3. Do you have a love interest or in a relationship? 

KDF:    Actually, I'm planning to do the whole "save the princess and have her fall in love with you, but then run away because you're a free man" deal. It's actually the whole reason why I wear this suit: to look good in front of the ladies. 
Nega:   Romance is for fools who desire only suffering and inconvenience from an unnecessary- GET YOUR HAND AWAY FROM MY POSTERIOR, BEATRIX! 
Beta:    Okay, so I may or may not have been in contact with the potential spouse that may or not have really cool shadow and fire powers. His butt is also really fluffy like a marshmallow. 
Rocky:  Once, but I tend to lock down memories of my possible previous life. It gets in the way of my thought process. 
Bel:      Infatuation exists. Love does not. 

4. Have you ever been betrayed or used by someone? 

KDF:     The guy who gave me this suit gave me 25% off instead of 30% off like it said on the sign. Does that count?
Nega:   During my thieving years, I encountered a peculiar wizard with a skull mask that desired my pyromancer skills. He went great lengths to describe the origin of my power and the possibilities of world domination. I, being the rambunctious scoundrel that I was, burnt him to a crisp. 
Beta:    I killed a bunch of people under the influence of a mental glitch. Yeah... Not my finest hour. 
Rocky:  We don't talk about my mercenary days. 
Bel:      They're all dead now. 

5. Any fears? 

KDF:    I hate, hate, hate how cockroaches make me feel. Even when they're dead, which is kinda weird of me. 
Nega:   I saw a man wearing a horse mask dissect my sister and now I have the nonrational fear of  horses. 
Beta:    What kind of person would I be if I were scared of any- *enters a cat* FEEEELIIIIINE! 
Rocky:   Whenever I see an isolated heart of any organism left out in the open, I have to eat it otherwise I have flashbacks. 
Bel:      *glares menacingly while fondling long needles*

6. Ok enough about that, what's your favorite food or drink? 

KDF:    Cured meat. I don't care if it's from a giant mole with its mouth located on its tail. I WILL EAT IT. 
Nega:   .......
Hot chocolate..... 
Beta:    It's a mixture of concentrated lime juice, battery acid, and crushed copper cables. I call it "Zap!" Freak and I have it regularly. 
Rocky:  Tea. Preferably barley. 
Bel:      .......Cookies and Cream ice cream..... 

7:  how would you like to spend time with your love interest?

KDF:    Woah. Woah. Woah. Slow down, I'm just a kid! I need to explore the world first before I calm down and supposedly start a family. 
Nega:   Read. All day we'd ignore each other and just read. Possible while holding hand. 
Beta:    Fight! Every day we just go into an alley or an arena and fight until one of us falls down from exhaustion. Then we go fight a dungeon and kill a couple hundred monsters. 
Rocky:  If I ever meet a being that is willing to put up with my existence, I would just sleep. 
Bel:      If anyone were to dare, they'll see that a proposal of any type of "love" from me will remain fruitless and short. Because they'll be dead. 

I really should be working on my essay right now. 


Woowon Seo
United States
I am just a regular, korean (duh) guy who happens to have a talent at art.
Right now, I'm just a starter for deviantart but I happen to need and want tons of friends at the moment. Bring them on!

Also be known that I not doing commissions(because I don't quite know how to transfer money yet) but I will do requests and trades. But if I am too booked at that time, I'll quietly ask you to lay down your requests and art trade invitations until further notice.



Commisions are now Available
Please nothing pornographic. 


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